5 Reasons to Invest in a Residential Elevator

A home elevator makes it easier to get through your house and can also increase the property value!

Like the evolution of so many technologies from TV to Computers to Cars, the purpose of Home Elevators is expanding from a utilitarian need to an affordable convenience and luxury. Today, you don’t have to be rich and famous to invest in a beautiful elevator for your home. Here are five reasons to invest in a residential elevator. 

Increases Property Value

Increase property value and get a speedier sale with less haggling. Have a Realtor do two home searches for you; The first being homes with a single floor (i.e ranches or ramblers) and the second being homes with residential elevators. Compared to homes with one floor, the amount of homes with elevators is significantly lower. If you search the DC Metro area, you could probably look through all of the homes with elevators in one day. If a home buyer needs a home that is either single floor or has an elevator, you have very little competition. Your market shrinks from thousands of competitors to a handful, increasing the chances of selling your home. 


The convenience of a residential elevator is undeniable. Imagine living in a home where you have the option of climbing the steps or not. After a long day at work, grocery shopping, or your leg day at the gym, it feels great to come home and not have to walk up and down the steps. We all love to travel but we don’t want to travel up and down the steps with our luggage.

Aging in Place

The baby boomers will not go quietly into the night. Many baby boomers in the DC metro area have thought about moving into a condo. Their point of references is the 1980 condo market. They soon find out that a condo costs nearly as much as their home that is three times its size.  In other words, the assumed upside of moving is not as great as it once was. More people want to grow old in their homes and not have to worry about moving or going to a nursing home. A residential elevator makes it possible for people to age in place, even if they do acquire mobile disabilities. 


Style Statement

Aside from the great practical benefits of a residential elevator, it provides a great aesthetic to any home. An elevator inside of your home automatically gives your home a more sophisticated, elegant look. There are a variety of styles and designs to choose from so that your elevator will compliment the pre-existing decor you have. As mentioned before, a residential elevator is seen as a luxury, but they are now becoming more affordable and offering the same great, luxurious look.


Easy Use

A residential elevator is as simple to use as the elevators you find inside of stores and businesses. All it takes is a push of a button and you are able to move between floors in your home. This ease of use makes your laundry and grocery trips so much more enjoyable because you don’t have to carry those heavy items up and down the stairs. This is also great for those with limited mobility because they don’t have to put in any extra work to get around the home.

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