Curved Stair Lift Harmar Helix CSL500

Do you have a staircase that is not straight? This chair lift is perfect for curved, spiral, 90 & 180 degree turns, as well as landing interruptions. It’s possible to start a descent in the hallway and park around the corner nowhere near the top of the stair case for a safer and more pleasant ride. Total travel can be an incredible 164 feet, certainly from basement to bedroom with all the curves, landings and hallways in between.

Manufactured by Harmar Mobility Helix CSL500,

The lift offers a narrow profile that mounts close to the wall, with tighter bends. Your stair case must be at least 32″ wide. If your stair case is less than 32″ wide at any point then realize Signature Elevators & Accessible Designs expert craftsmen can often modify a stair case so that it is the proper width.

Made in the USA engineered and built to order.
Completely unique to each home it is installed in. Exact measurements are achieved with a camera & computer that are synchronized. Manufacturing takes about one month and installation no more than one day per floor. There is minimal disruption to your house and your schedule with short installation time.

An ergonomically-designed swivel seat with “flip-up”” arms makes entry and exit easier. All controls are on your dominant arm. Custom fabric and colors are available to make the Helix500 Curved Stair Lift a tasteful addition to your home. You can match the wall paper, carpet or paint.




Curved Stair Lift Track winding down the stairsSpecifications Curved Stair Lift Harmar HelixCSL 500

Maximum Weight of Occupant: 350 lbs.

Operational Power: 24v DC battery on a 110v drip charge

Trips per charge in a power outage: approximately 10

Speed: A comfortable 20 feet per minute

Folded chair width in the staircase 14 3/8″

Track / Rail: Steel powder coated.

Lift Mounts to: Steps not the wall

Drive System: Rack & Pinion Gear

Price Range Installed: $13,900.00 to $20,000.00 for two floors. Three or more floors ! remember we can go 163′ ! in which case price installed can reach the upper 20’s

Harmar helix CSL500 in blackDC Metro

  1. Call for an appointment at your house to discuss the HelixCSL500 and other possible solutions. There is no obligation for this meeting.
  2. Review & execute your feasibility & investigation agreement.
  3. Schedule feasibility & investigation crew to your house.
  4. Review & execute your construction contract.
  5. Your custom Helix CSL 500 is manufactured.
  6. Your stair case is modified if necessary.
  7. Your Helix CSL 500 is installed.


Relax and enjoy the safe and smooth ride of you Helix CLS 500.

Harmar outdoor curved stair lift

We will supply, install and service outside of DC metro area limited to the southern border of Virginia, the western border of West Virginia and Pennsylvania, the Northern border of Pennsylvania and New Jersey and of course the eastern shore of VA, MD, DE and NJ. Outside of the DC metro (1 hour outside) area we follow the following process:

  1. Call for a general discussion & our measurement form.
  2. Photograph and measure your staircase per the instruction on the easy to follow measurement form.
  3. Forward your measurement form to Signature Elevator & Accessible Design.
  4. Review & execute your measurement & synchronized camera agreement.
  5. Receive our synchronized camera kit. Follow the instructions.
  6. Return the camera kit Federal Express prepaid.
  7. Review and execute your purchase & installation contract.
  8. Your custom Helix CSL 500 is manufactured.
  9. Your Helix CSL 500 is shipped to your house and our installation crew arrives to install you new curved chair lift.