Standard Residential Home Elevators Working model in Showroom!

Renaissance Luxury Home Elevator

Our Renaissance is manufactured by Federal Elevator Systems. It is a hydraulic two speed system and delivers a very smooth ride. The interior can be customized in the factory or in the field. In other words it can be customized with standard and non standard finishes such as recessed and raised wood, glass, stainless and even stitched leather which you can see in our showroom.

Standard Cab Size & Required Clear Opening in Shaft (width x depth). For displacement add 2×4 plus two layers of fire rated drywall approximately 5″ for each new wall on each side of the clear opening.

Platform 36″ x 48″ Clear Opening 50″ x 54″

Platform 36″ x 54″ Clear Opening 50″ x 60″

Platform 36″ x 60″ Clear Opening 50″ x 66″

Platform 40″ x 54″ Clear Opening 54″ x 60″

Platform 42″ x 60″ Clear Opening 56″ x 66″

Platform 48″ x 60″ Clear Opening 62″ x 66″

Custom Sizes are Available



120V, Single Phase, 15amps

208V, Three Phase, 20amps (avail in DC)

Capacity 1,000 lbs standard, 1,500 lbs is available.

Drive System 1:2 hydraulic.

Valve is a 2 speed four coil valve which allows softer start & stop.

Speed 40 fpm standard, 50 fpm available.

Number of stops is limited to 6 and a maximum rise of 50 feet. (See the Preston Street Project)

Warranty 2 years from the manufacturer and 2 years from Signature on workmanship.



Product manufactured delivered and install in a hoist way built by others varies from $30,000.00 for a basic 2 stop to $75,000.00 for a 6 stop that has a custom interior.

Project Pricing: Hoist way construction involves relocating mechanical, electrical & plumbing components, structural work and aesthetic finishing. You can anticipate project pricing to be nearly double the price of the elevator install pricing above. Signature Elevators average turn key project price range is $60,000 to $100,000.00