Pneumatic Vacuum Home Elevator Working Model in the Showroom!

Signature Elevators & Accessible Design installed its first Pneumatic Vacuum Home Elevator in 2008 for a retired couple relocating from New York, NY to Annapolis, MD.. That home elevator installed for the Duryea family has had two service calls in that 8 year period of time. Over this time frame Signature Elevators & Accessible Design has installed more Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia then any other elevator company. We are now installing outside of the Washington Metropolitan area precisely because this elevator is so dependable.

Arlington VA pneumatic vacuum home elevator

PVE 52″ white pneumatic vacuum elevator installed Arlington VA 2013.

There are three sizes to choose from, named for their outside diameter, 52″, 37″, and 30″ each able to serve two, three, four and now five floors (stops).  A 50 foot maximum rise. There are 6 possible colors, standard dark gray, light gray, white, black, taupe, and anodized silver. All come with an interior telephone and can be supplied with a key lock so children do not play on the elevator.

Speaking of children. Signature Elevators & Accessible Design shares showroom space with its sister company Signature Kitchens Additions & Baths. The joint showroom opened the first week of January 2010. For the last 6 years, 6 days a week, the children of both companies customers routinely take our pneumatic vacuum 37″ model for rides. To date they have been unable to break it and every once in a while they really try!

The only scheduled maintenance under the ASME A17.7 certification standard is that every five years or approximately 15,000 lifts, the main seal needs to be replaced. Guess what? It’s been 8 years and our first install the Duryea’s have not had to replace their seal. Actually, we have never had to replace the seal for any of our customers. That is a significant cost savings vs a standard elevator; where you must have regular maintenance. Otherwise like a car without an oil change there is going to be serious consequences.



  • PVE 52″; door opening is 32″ wide, interior diameter is 43.5″, wheelchair capable provided your chair fits within the interior diameter and is less than the maximum weight. Maximum weight capacity is 525 pounds. Doors can be on opposite sides. Floor perforations finished at 54 11/16″.

    Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator Dealer Metro DC

    PVE 52″ installed for Dr Berger Darnestown MD 2014


  • PVE 37″; The original model first introduced in 2002, is now 16 years old. The door opening is 21″ wide, interior diameter is 32″, can be ordered with a fold down seat, has a maximum capacity of 450 pounds, finished floor perforations required are 39″. Doors can be on opposite sides and even at 90 degrees to the upper levels for the ground level door.


  • PVE 30″; door opening is 20’5″ wide, interior diameter is 20.5″. A tight fit, measure your shoulders, this one is for the skinny people! Floor perforation required is 32″, maximum weight capacity is 350 pounds. Doors must remain stacked one above the other.


MD, DC, & VA

  1. Call Signature Elevator & Accessible Design for a general discussion. It is always a good idea to send pictures of your space to
  2. Schedule an appointment at the showroom. Come in ride our pneumatic vacuum elevator; see it 6 years old and a thousand rides after install. Check out our projects photography. Discuss your project, your budget, what you really need. We will find the right solution for you. There is no obligation for this meeting.
  3. Schedule an appointment at your house to assess possible solutions and locations for an elevator. There is no obligation for this meeting.
  4. pneumatic vacuum elevator company

    2011 install on P St Georgetown DC.

    Review and execute your feasibility & investigation agreement.

  5. Schedule feasibility & investigation crew to your house.
  6. Review & execute your construction agreement.
  7. Your Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator goes into manufacturing. Deliver is typically 60 to 90 days from execution of construction agreement.
  8. Concurrent with the manufacturing process the floors are perforated or the landings modified.
  9. Your Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator is installed.


Relax & enjoy the view from your new home elevator!

We will supply, install and service outside of DC metro area limited to the southern border of Virginia, the western border of West Virginia and Pennsylvania, the Northern border of Pennsylvania and New Jersey and of course the eastern shore of VA, MD, DE and NJ. Outside of the DC metro (1 hour outside) area we follow the following process:

  1. Call Signature Elevator & Accessible Design for a general discussion. It is always a good idea to send pictures of your space to
  2. If you are a local Contractor a Signature representative will come out to assess the site & measure the space.
  3. If you are outside of DC Metro Area receive our assessment and measurement package. Follow the easy instructions. Forward the results to Signature Elevators & Accessible Design.
  4. pneumatic vacuum elevator a pve52

    Dr Toni Hawley of Potomac & her pneumatic vacuum 52 in black.

    Receive & execute your Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator purchase & installation agreement.

  5. Once your install agreement is signed your measurements will be checked on site by a Signature Elevators & Accessible Design technician.
  6. Your Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator goes into manufacturing. Delivery is typically 60 to 90 days from execution of your purchase agreement.
  7. Concurrent with the manufacturing process you or your contractor perforate the floors or modify the landings per the drawings supplied by Signature Elevators & Accessible Design.
  8. Signature’s install crew meets the elevator at its delivery and begins installation.

Relax & enjoy the view from you new home elevator!