Renaissance Residential Elevator

A custom designed residential elevator for the discerning eye.

Together we will create a cabin design that is as personal to you and your home as your signature!

Home Elevator Cabin Wall Materials

Wood: Almost all the wood species you could put in a kitchen, Oak, Maple, Cherry and Mahogany can be installed in your Renaissance residential elevator. Distinctive raised panel or recessed walls and even ceilings in your choice of wood species and stain. Floors can be had in the same tongue & groove hard wood as the landing. In addition, wood veneers, laminates, plastic and melamine finishes are available.

Glass: Nothing makes a residential elevator cabin more dramatic than glass walls in the cabin and matching glass walls in the hoist way. Cabin walls can be customized, with full or half glass views.

Hall Doors & Cabin Gates

Signature Elevators & Accessible Design can install an exact match to the other doors in your home and even case it in the same molding. Or, for that perfect touch, we can equip the Renaissance with bi-parting or multi-speed doors, features commonly seen in luxury elevators.

Technical Specifications:

Platform Sizes: 36×48, 36×54, 36×60, 48×54, 42×60 and 48×60*
Power: 230vac, Single Phase, 30amp; and 208vac, Three Phase, 20amp**
Drive: 1:2 Ratio Cable Hydraulic
Speed: 40ft per minute is standard
Electronics: Programmable Logic Control
Emergency: The entire residential elevator has an uninterrupted back-up battery
Valve: Four coil valve for a soft start and stop
Controls: Automatic push Button
Capacity: Up to 1,000 pounds, 750 pounds standard

*Custom sizes available.
**This latter feature is particularly important in the District of Columbia where many homes are 208vac.


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