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Signature Elevator V1504 Vertical Platform Wheelchair Lift, manufactured by Savaria. This versatile wheelchair lift really ought to be nicknamed “The Transformer”

The most transformable vertical platform lift in the industry the V-1504 can be:

* Installed indoors or outdoors commercial or residential.

* Installed indoors inside a hoist way similar to an elevator or indoors as a stand
alone product like any other vertical wheelchair lift.

* Installed outdoors as a standalone wheelchair lift or inside a partial or complete prefabricated enclosure.

* Able to travel as little as 4 feet and as much as 23 feet. We are unaware of any vertical platform
lift which can travel 23 feet!

* A vertical platform lift which can be configured six different ways, four of which are double doored and
another two which are doors at 90 degree angles.

* There are six versions of this vertical lift. Each one of which can be transformed to you personal needs.

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Signature Elevators & Accessible Design LLC’s “Transformer” V1504 Vertical Platform Wheelchair Lift Model Overview:

V1504 – STD Standard Model Vertical Platform Wheelchair Lift

* Built upon a powerful, safe and reliable hydraulic drive system
* Able to travel through various architectural boundaries

V1504 – TE Tall Enclosure

* Designed to provide an enclosure
* An Alternative to a three gate system

V1504 – ALPE (Aluminum & Plexiglas Enclosures)
Wheelchair Lift

* A more aesthetic enclosure than the TE
* Essentially a turnkey outdoor elevator & hoistway
* Can be fit with top landing gate or door
* Can be zinc treated to withstand outdoor corrosion

V1504 – LUX (Luxury Framed Model) Vertical Platform Lift

* Created for very personalized architectural solutions
* Rich blend of tempered glass, and stainless steel

V1504 – PRESTIGE (Frameless Model) Vertical Platform Lift

* A frameless tempered glass version of the LUX
* A noted application at the Trump Tower seems to levitate more than elevate.

V1504 – MOB (Mobile Model) Vertical Platform Wheelchair Lift

* Can be rolled into any building to surmount any low rise barrier for a special
for a special event or emergency.

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