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3 Things to Consider when Designing an Accessible Kitchen for Your Washington, DC Metro home

Posted on October 19, 2018

An accessible kitchen design makes it easy for people in wheelchairs to make meals for them and their family!

Aging in place has become a popular option for homeowners since we can now implement residential elevators and create accessible home designs. Nobody wants to have to move out of their beloved Georgetown, McLean, Great Falls, Tysons Corner, Reston or Falls Church homes because they can’t get around on their own anymore. If you are trying to make your Washington DC Metro home wheelchair accessible, here are three things to consider for your accessible kitchen design.

Kitchen Counters

A typical Washington, DC Metro home has countertops that are made for people who are standing. To create an accessible kitchen design, you want to adjust the height of the countertops so that someone in a wheelchair can easily reach them. You want to remove any cabinets underneath of the countertop so that the wheelchair can fit underneath of it. Pull out shelves and adjustable tables allow everyone in the home the ability to easily access the countertops.

Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sinks typically have a cabinet underneath for the piping, but this needs to be altered for an accessible kitchen design. To do this, the drain needs to be moved to the back of the sink so that the piping doesn’t block the way of the wheelchair. The piping should also be enclosed so that nobody’s legs are damaged from the heat. A single lever faucet is a very cost-effective option to help make your kitchen wheelchair accessible. For a more high-tech option, there are also touch control faucets.


The kitchen is for cooking and without proper access to the appliances, people in wheelchairs are unable to prepare their favorite meals. Appliances should be installed at a lower height. It is best to invest in an electric stove that has staggered burners so that there is no worry of reaching across hot burners. An oven door that opens to the side rather than outwards is also best. Separating the oven from the stove makes it easier to access both of them with ease.

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