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Is handling the stairs inside or outside difficult or unsafe for you or someone you love? A stairlift installed by Signature Elevators can help!

Savaria B.07 stairliftStair lifts, also called chair lifts and stair chair lifts, are great alternatives to residential elevators and vertical platform lifts. They require no structural modifications and they are considerably less expensive than the alternatives. Signature Elevators & Accessible Design installs the finest stair lifts manufactured by Savaria Concord.

B.07 Stairlift (right)

An absolute work horse the B.07 Stairlift by Savaria Concord can get you to or from your front door. Made for indoor or outdoor use, AC or DC powered. This powerful & versatile product when configured for out door use comes with key locks so that curious children or adults cannot power up or damage the unit keeping your investment safe from more than just the weather! Wireless call & send controls allow you to park the unit at your front door and then call it to the bottom of the stairs when you return home. Generally costing less than $10,000.00 installed, the B.07 will allow the freedom to get in & up & down just like you used to without pain or the danger of falling.

Specifications and Features:
36 Month Limited Warranty
Maximum Travel of 32 feet
Maximum Speed of 18 feet per minute
Rated Load is 300 lbs.; can be upgraded to 400 lbs.
Battery back up in case of power failure
Obstruction Sensors to keep you and your chair safe
Adjustable seat and foot rests

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Savaria Step-Saver stairliftStep Saver Stairlift (left)

The Step Saver uses the best Savaria Concord technology for indoor-only stair lifts. If your walking limitations make it difficult to get up or down the stairs then the Step Saver Stairlift can make your life safer and more comfortable at a reasonable price. Not only that, but it can be installed in just one day! In addition, the Step Saver Stairlift is slim and folds up so that others can use the steps comfortable as well.

Specifications and Features:
36 Month Limited Warranty
Support Posts are anchored to the treads rather than the wall.
Wireless call/send controls at top and bottom of stairs.
Obstacle sensors to keep you and your chair safe.
Battery backup in case of power failure

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