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Inclined Platform Wheelchair Lift wheelchair freedom an alternative to home elevator!

An Inclined Wheelchair Platform Lift runs up and down a straight staircase, providing shared accessibility at an affordable price.

Are you or a loved one confined to a wheelchair? Is transferring from the wheelchair to a stairlift seat a difficult or dangerous task? Have you put off installing a residential elevator because you simply can’t afford the hoist way and elevator? We may have a solution.

The ES-125 Inclined Wheelchair Platform Lift

Not only are wheelchair platform lifts more affordable than residential elevators, they also take up less space! The ES-125 inclined platform lift is designed to carry a wheelchair and its user up a straight staircase in much the same way as a seated stairlift. The wheelchair sits on the platform and is secured in place by a ramp plate; you push a button to go up or down, and the lift guides you smoothly along the staircase.

Inclined Wheelchair Platform Lift Advantages & Disadvantages

Inclined wheelchair platform lifts are great because they eliminate the need to transfer from one mode of transportation to another, but they do have some downsides. The biggest limitation is that wheelchair lifts can be difficult to retrofit into existing homes because they require a wide, straight staircase with clear landings on both ends. A continuous wall must be available along one side of the staircase. This means that can’t be any interruptions, including windows, doors and other similar things. However, if your home doesn’t meet these requirements, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have a wheelchair lift installed. One of the benefits of working with Signature versus most other providers is that we are a licensed general contractor and can complete any additional remodeling work that might be needed. With our in-house crew of technicians and designers we can modify or build just about anything necessary to accommodate your new wheelchair lift.

36 Month Limited Warranty
Residential or Commercial Use
In Door or Out of Doors
Four Platform Dimensions
Inline or 90 degree Entry Ramps
Folds up Against the Wall to Share Staircase Access
Speeds Along at 16 feet per minute

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