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Ram Home Wheelchair Lifts, Outdoor Platform Lifts, Outdoor Enclosed Lifts

Engineered for Your Independence

In recent years, removing accessibility barriers for individuals with mobility challenges has become a frequently discussed topic. RAM has been helping people with mobility challenges for over 30 years and we are proud to continue doing so with our wheelchair lift products.

With a Trus-T-Lift™ home lift, porches, verandahs and upper levels, up to 14ft floor to floor, in homes become accessible for persons in wheelchairs or scooters, or anyone who has trouble walking up and down stairs. RAM has been removing accessibility barriers to improve the lives of thousands of people and families.

Wheelchair lifts are convenient and compact

Residential wheelchair lifts raise you from the ground up and are easy to install. The compact design of a Trus-T-Lift™ is an attractive alternative to cumbersome ramps, which take up significant living space. A home wheelchair lift is an affordable solution and quickly puts you back in control without having to invest in costly home renovations.



Smooth, quiet transitions to any space

Trus-T-Lift™ Wheelchair lifts for your home are safe and eliminate the need to transition in and out of your wheelchair, particularly in rooms with limited space. Powered with our geared belt system that avoids belt slippage, our quiet ADA-compliant platform lifts provide a smooth, secure move from floor to floor and can elevate as high as 14 feet to circumvent troublesome stairwells.


Access your porch or deck with an outdoor lift

Sometimes mobility issues can prevent people from enjoying the outdoors. Accessing a deck or verandah can become a safety hazard when ascending or descending even the smallest flight of stairs. The Trus-T-Lift porch lift can be configured to heights up to 14 feet.

By installing an outside deck or porch lift, you can easily come and go in your home. Outdoor lifts from RAM can be used in numerous applications. Some examples are multi-level decks, porch access, flood plane home access, and accessibility.


Enclosed lifts keep you safe and secure for larger travel heights

Enclosed Trus-T-Lift™ platform lifts are ideal for wheelchair or scooter users who want to move from one floor of their house to another. Installation is quick and economic, providing wheelchair users with instant access to upper and lower levels.

One of the best advantages to installing an enclosed wheelchair lift is the cost-savings. In comparison to installing an elevator, enclosed platform lifts provide the same great service without having to dig and install an elevator shaft, which takes considerable time and money.

Enclosed platform lifts are also used outdoors. Easily attached to decks and verandahs, an enclosed lift will keep you warm and dry while getting you to multiple outdoor levels like second-floor decks and walk-out landings.


Our exceptional project designers, our employed craftsman along with our project coordinators & procedures make your intangible project seem easy!


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