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Should You Choose an Elevator or Stairlift for Your Anne Arundel County Home? 

Posted on January 27, 2020

If you have decided that your house in Anne Arundel County is the perfect forever home, then it will become a priority to make sure you have everything you need for aging in place. When it comes to preparing to spend your golden years in your home, there are some adjustments you will need to make it more accessible. Home elevators and stairlifts are both excellent options for mobility around the house. Whether you live in Annapolis, Arnold, Severn, or Severna Park, here is some helpful information to help you decide which option best fits your needs.

Residential Elevator

A residential elevator can make it much easier to get around your Anne Arundel County home. Home elevators are a wise, long-term investment, although they involve a large remodeling project. Having a residential elevator installed will be more expensive and time-consuming than getting a stairlift. However, home elevators are more convenient to use than stairlifts because they won’t be in the way. Residential elevators add significant resale value to a house, while stairlifts almost always need to be removed before a realtor can put your house on the market. Ultimately, a home elevator will be worthwhile whether you choose to age in place or change your mind and sell your home later.


The purpose of a stairlift is to carry people up and down the stairs using an automatic chair. The biggest attraction of a stairlift is a quick and convenient installation process. Often a stairlift can be installed and ready to use within just a week or two from the initial purchase. Also, stairlifts are easy to customize to any shaped staircase, whether straight or curved. In general, a stairlift is very useful for a reliable, inexpensive option, but it will not be ideal for aging in place, and won’t increase the value to your Anne Arundel County home.

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