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Home Elevator vs. Stair Lift: Which Is Better for Your Home?

Panorama Residential Elevator with raised painted panels

Many of today’s homes have multiple levels connected by stairs. Sometimes, homeowners need another way to move between those levels, whether due to age, disability, or other circumstances.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss two great options to consider – home elevators and stair lifts – and how they compare when determining which is better for your needs.

Home Elevators

A home elevator is an elevator inside a home that can carry one or two people at a time from one floor to another. Most involve an elevator shaft, an enclosed elevator car, and a lifting and lowering mechanism.

Home elevator benefits include:

  • Increases home value
  • Can move heavier loads from floor to floor
  • Accesses multiple levels of your home
  • Great for wheelchair users
  • Customizable
  • Concealable
  • Luxury features
  • Multiple drive types to choose from
  • Location options
  • Known for safety

Stair Lifts

Stair lifts are motorized seats mounted on a staircase. The user sits in the chair, flips a switch, and is safely and conveniently transported up or down to the next floor of the home. Stair lift advantages include:

  • Shorter installation time compared to elevators
  • Affordability
  • Ease of installation
  • No remodeling required
  • Perfect for nearly every staircase
  • Indoor-outdoor options
  • Collapsible when not in use
  • Easily removed

Factors To Consider When Deciding Which Is Right for Your Home

If you’re deciding between a home elevator and a stair lift for your home, consider:

  • Cost: Stair lifts can be significantly less expensive than home elevators.
  • Mobility: One of the most important factors to consider is mobility. If you’re unable to get out of a wheelchair, an elevator may be a better choice.
  • Space: Installation of an elevator requires space and physical reconstruction in your home. Stair lifts only require the space available in your existing staircase.
  • Maintenance: Both home elevators and stair lifts require periodic maintenance. Home elevators are more complex systems and have more moving parts, thus requiring more maintenance.

Schedule Installation With Signature Elevators & Accessible Design

At Signature Elevators & Accessible Design, we have comprehensive training and extensive experience with home elevators, stair lifts, and other accessibility solutions. Our highly knowledgeable staff will help you determine your accessibility requirements and find the right solution to meet them within your budget.

We offer our customers the highest quality work, top-of-the-line customer service, and industry-leading accessibility products and solutions. With over a decade of experience, Signature Elevators & Accessible Design is your best choice for extending your time in the home you love.

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