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Stiltz Lift Home Elevator 3 Working Models in the Showroom

The Trio Alta Now Goes Three Stops!

Stiltz Elevators on Display at MD Elevator Showroom are the Trio Alta, Duo Alta, and Duo Classic Vista

A Stiltz Home Lift is a smartly designed small footprint, through the floor, two stop elevator. It is a space problem solver you can walk under it when it is up and over it when it is down. Which means it can occupy a hallway. Like a dumb waiter you don’t have to be in it… you can send it by remote control. Which is why you can put it in a hall way. If its in your way… send it out of the way! It is a viable alternative to a chair lift, and less expensive than a standard elevator.

All of our aging in place and accessible solutions are better alternatives to moving.

  • Moving costs for the average DC Metro Area homeowner can approach 75 to 100 thousand dollars between the Realtors, loan fees and other closing costs.
  • A customer of ours put the other consideration best, R Carp said “We’ve looked at every condominium in the Washington Metro Area. We simply cannot do it. We have to much stuff to move, over half of what we have won’t fit, and we love our house and our neighborhood”

Why give up the best investment you have probably ever made and all its memories and space when you can buy a Stiltz Home Lift, a new car and stay in your house!

There are two models for you to choose from the Duo and the Trio.

The Stiltz Duo Home Lift fits two people and the Stiltz Trio Home Elevator fits three. The Trio is larger and can fit a wheelchair or power chair. You will find both are very safe, quite, smooth running and easy for you to operate.

No supporting wall is necessary. The Stiltz Lift’s small foot print makes it easy to find a good location in almost any home. Floor modifications required are putting a structurally correct hole though the floor and finishing the floor and ceiling below takes about one week. The installation of the Stiltz Elevator about two days.  Power can be supplied from a standard receptacle already in your home.

Below we explain the Stiltz Duo and Trio in more detail.


Our exceptional project designers, our employed craftsman along with our project coordinators & procedures make your intangible project seem easy!


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