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Stiltz Home Elevators for Your Rockville or Washington, DC, Home

The Trio Alta Now Goes Three Stops!

Trio Alta, Duo Alta & Duo Classic Vista Models in Our Rockville Showroom

StiltzLifts home elevator working model in a living room showroom.A Stiltz home elevator is a smartly designed, small-footprint, through-the-floor, two-stop elevator. It solves the space problem; you can walk under it when it’s up and over it when it’s down. The footprint is small, and there’s no structural shaft required.

Tuck the Stiltz residential elevator in the corner, take it straight to the balcony above the family room, or let it occupy a hallway.

Like a dumbwaiter, you don’t have to be in it, and you can send it by remote control, which is why you can put it in a hallway. If it’s in your way, send it out of the way! It’s a viable alternative to a chair lift and less expensive than a standard elevator project.


Improve the Accessibility of Your Home

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Benefits of Installing a Stiltz Home Elevator

All our aging-in-place and accessible solutions are better alternatives to moving.

  • Moving costs for the average DC metro area homeowner can approach $75 to $100 thousand between the realtor’s commissions, loan fees, and other closing costs.
  • A customer of ours put the other considerations best; R. Carp said, “We’ve looked at every condominium in the Washington Metro Area. We simply cannot do it. We have too much stuff to move; over half of what we have won’t fit, and we love our house and neighborhood. The condos cost so much we don’t seem to be saving any money in the process.”

Why give up the best investment you’ve probably ever made and all its memories and space when you can buy a Stiltz home elevator and stay in your house?

Contact us today at (301) 251-1658 to discuss a home elevator installation in Maryland, Virginia, Baltimore, or the DC metro area.

Choosing Between the Duo Alta & the Trio Alta Models

The Stiltz Duo fits two people, and the Stiltz Trio fits three. The Trio is larger and can fit a wheelchair or power chair. Both are safe, quiet, smooth-running, and easy to operate. The Trio three-stop will have some rope noise for about a year and will get progressively quieter.

No supporting wall is necessary because the elevator is self-supporting on its dual rails. All the forces on the elevator are in compression on these rails. The Stiltz Lift’s small footprint makes finding a good location in almost any Rockville or DC home easy.

The floor modifications required are putting a structurally correct hole through the floor and finishing the floor and the ceiling below, which takes about one week.

A three-stop takes longer because there are two floors modified. The installation of the Stiltz elevator then takes another two or three days. Power can be 110/120, but we recommend 220/240.

Call (301) 251-1658 to discuss a home elevator installation in Maryland, Virginia, Baltimore, or the DC metro area.

How Much Does It Cost To Install a Home Elevator?

Either model is affordable compared to a standard elevator project. While it’s true you can buy a standard elevator drum drive, hydraulic, counterweight, or MRL for $35,000 or more, all require a structural shaft and pit to control the weight and superstructure of the elevator.

The construction cost of the shaft and pit exceeds the cost of the elevator. A typical standard elevator turnkey project is $85,000 to $100,000.

Any stair chair lift with a single turn, not straight up and down, will range between $15,000 and $25,000. A Stiltz two-stop turnkey project is a little over twice as much because of its visual appeal, versatility for moving people and possessions, and increased home value.

As our customer said, “The chair lift makes me feel old, even decrepit; the elevator is a home improvement that does not make me feel that way.”

Below, we explain the Stiltz Duo and Trio in more detail.

View our home elevator installation projects in Maryland, DC, and northern Virginia. Contact us today at (301) 251-1658 to discuss your home elevator project.

Why Choose Signature Elevators & Accessible Design?

Signature Elevators & Accessible Design’s installation expertise for Stiltz home elevators and lifts is unmatched, backed by over a decade of experience. We’re committed to delivering top-quality work and high-grade products.

At Signature Elevators, we take pride in offering competitive and affordable pricing, ensuring our clients receive the best value for their investment. Choose us for a seamless and reliable solution that combines expertise, affordability, and a decade-long track record of excellence in the industry.

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