When is the Right Time to Install a Home Elevator?

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Here are some ways to know when it’s the right time to get a residential elevator.

If you live in the Metro Washington DC area, Fairfax, Montgomery, or Howard Counties and have been thinking of investing in a residential elevator, then now is always the best time to give us a call and get the process started. However, there are also certain times in your life that may have hinted at your need for a home elevator. Here are some ways to know when it’s the right time to get a residential elevator.

Remodeling Projects

If you are in the middle of renovating your DC, Maryland, or Virginia home, then you could have already begun part of the process for installing a residential elevator. There is some demolition and construction involved in a home elevator installation, such as removing part of a wall to put in the hoistway supports, for example. If you know which area you want your residential elevator installed, then it could be much easier to take care of this while you are already having your home remodeled.

Aging in Place

Sometimes, a significant health event will influence your decision. Aging in place means that you adjust your home to fit your needs as you get older, allowing you to stay rather than move out. If you have recently developed a mobility issue, for example, having arthritis worsen, then it’s best to look into getting a residential elevator now before the need for one becomes a safety concern.

For the Future

A lot of times, people might not be aging or ill necessarily, but they have the time, space, and opportunity to install a residential elevator. If you fit into this category, then there’s nothing wrong with taking the next step and investing in a residential elevator. They add a significant amount of comfort and convenience to life, from saving a trip up the stairs to carrying heavy groceries. The fact is that every young person hopes to age well, so a residential elevator will eventually help you transition into aging in place.

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Signature Elevators & Accessible Design, LLC works with leading manufacturers to provide you with the beautiful residential elevator that you need. Located in Rockville, MD, we have years of experience with incorporating elevators into multi-story homes and working with customers to ensure the elevator meets their specific needs. With styles from modern tubes to wood paneled cabs, Signature Elevators has all the tools you need to build the perfect elevator for your home! Visit our website or contact us at (301)-251-1659 for more information. The manufacturers we represent are:

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators https://www.vacuumelevators.com/

Stiltz Lifts https://www.stiltzlifts.com/

Waupaca Elevators https://www.waupacaelevator.com/

Cambridge Elevating https://www.cambridgeelevating.com/

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