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Home Stair Lifts

The first fully reusable modular home stair lift.

If you know anything at all about stair lifts, then you know they are categorized as either straight or curved. Straight means straight up and down with no bends, no turns, no curves. Curved means everything that is not straight. Straight is a commodity it takes no time to specify & order, can be had in a week or two, and has a median cost of $5,000 give or take $1,000. Curved is custom to your house takes time to specify & order, takes a month or more to manufacturer and generally costs from the high teens to the low twenties.

Signature Elevators & Accessible Design LLC a Stair Lift Company near you specifies Harmar straight stair lifts.

ALSO, KNOW THAT WHEN YOU MOVE OR WHEN YOU NO LONGER WANT OR NEED THE STAIR LIFT IT GOES TO THE DUMP. Because the next house or the next owner must have the exact same staircase orientation, number of steps, depth of tread, height of riser, bends, turns and curves. THE DEFINITION OF INFLEXIBLE!

UP Stairlift a Modular curved Stair Lift Company

Well Guess What? There Is A New Kid in Town! From the country that brought us Legos a creative modular toy that can be taken apart and rebuilt repetitively. We now have UP Stairlift, a creative modular stair lift that can be taken apart and rebuilt repetitively.

Up Stairlift installed very fast

Need a curved stair lift installed ASAP? UP Stairlift does not require a lengthy time to specify and order, it can be done in a day. UP Stairlift does not take a month or more to manufacture thanks to the modular design. The UP Stairlift is at the showroom and it can be installed within a day!

Up Stairlift take it with you, give it away or sell it. DON’T SEND IT TO THE DUMP

Capitulating to the struggle you have with the stairs because maybe you will move in just a few years? Struggle no more. Install an UP Stairlift now to avoid the pain or danger of the stairs. When you are ready to move, we can dismantle the UP Stairlift down to its modular parts, putting it back into its kit box. We can then reinstall it in your new home, your relatives’ home, the house next door or the house of the person who bought the UP Stairlift from you. MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY!

Up Stairlift trade it in for a bigger project

Hate the look of a stair lift? Maybe you prefer the look and feel of a Home Elevator but cannot wait 3 months for a hoist way to be built? Maybe you would prefer a ground level in-law suite, but you cannot struggle with the stairs for 6 months while it is being built. Contract with Signature to do both. We will install an UP Stairlift to end the pain or danger of the stairs. Then we will plan, specify, permit, and build your hoist way and then install your elevator with our in-house employed craftsmen. Or our sister company Signature Kitchens Additions & Baths will plan, specify, permit, and build your ground floor in-law suite with its in-house employed craftsmen. Once that project is complete, we will re-purchase and remove your UP Stairlift. MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY!

Up Stairlift because it is reusable, we will always buy it back.

Want further proof that you’re Up Stairlift is not destined to go to the dump like every other stair lift manufacturer. We will always buy your Up Stairlift back from you and remove it as well. All Up Stairlift installation agreements include a buy back & free removal agreement.

Stairlift Service Areas Include:

  • Maryland
  • Washington, DC
  • Northern, Virginia
  • Montgomery County


Our exceptional project designers, our employed craftsman along with our project coordinators & procedures make your intangible project seem easy!


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