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Home Stairlifts in Rockville, MD

Stairlift Installation in Maryland, Virginia & the DC Metro Area

A stairlift is one of the most beneficial aging-in-place upgrades for homes in the Rockville area. For those with limited mobility, a handicap-accessible stairlift can make navigating stairs easier and safer, allowing full use of bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, and other amenities of a home that are often found on the second floor.

When you need a custom-designed, professionally installed stairlift for home use in the Rockville area, talk Signature Elevators & Accessible Design. We serve customers throughout Maryland, Virginia, and the Washington, DC, metro area, providing advanced accessibility solutions that help boost our clients’ confidence while making their homes safer to navigate.

From stairlifts to wheelchair lifts, home elevators, and barrier-free showers, we offer quality products with great financing options that make improving your home’s accessibility easier and more convenient.

Improve the Accessibility of Your Home

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Our High-Quality Stairlifts

A well-designed stairlift can make accessing the upper levels of a home safer and more convenient, virtually eliminating the possibility of a fall and serious injuries. At Signature Elevators, we feature both straight and curved stairlifts for homes of any size or layout.

Straight stairlifts are quicker to design, order, and install because they don’t have to be adapted to fit complex curves or layouts, and they may be reusable in other homes with a straight staircase. Curved stairlifts are typically custom-designed to fit a specific home and take much longer to order and install.

Our stairlift systems at Signature Elevators include:

  • Straight stairlifts: Cost-effective and quick to install, straight stairlifts require a straight staircase with a relativity simple layout.
  • Curved stairlifts: Ideal for complex layouts, our curved stairlifts can be designed to serve multiple levels with curved stairways, landings, and other obstacles.
  • UP Stairlifts: An innovative, modular system, UP Stairlifts are assembled from a variety of interchangeable components that allow the stairlift to be customized to your home; whether you have straight stairways, curved stairs, or multiple levels, and they can be removed and reused at other homes in the future.

Call (301) 251-1658 today or contact us online to learn more about our stairlifts for your Rockville home.

Accessibility Stairlifts Designed for Your Comfort

Our stairlifts offer all the features you need to maximize your comfort and safety while enjoying a smooth, stress-free ride between each level of your home.

Some of our most important features include:

  • A swivel chair for easy access from any direction
  • Flip-up arms to make entrances and exits easier
  • A footrest for extra security
  • An intercom to communicate with others in your home
  • Simple joystick controls
  • A mobile app for remote operation
  • Safety sensors and safety belts
  • Foldable seats and arms to offer better stair access when not in use

Call (301) 251-1658 today or contact us online to discuss the available features and options for your stairlift in the Rockville area.

Schedule Stairlift Installation for Your Rockville, MD Home

Make the upper floors of your Rockville home easier and safer to access with a quality stairlift from Signature Elevators. With decades of remodeling and construction experience and over 10 years of providing cutting-edge accessibility solutions, we have the skills and experience to design a stairlift that meets your needs.

We offer stairlift installation in Rockville and surrounding areas, and we provide quality work and exceptional customer service that are hard to find with larger companies. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with greater independence and safety by choosing Signature Elevators for stairlifts, wheelchair lifts, home elevators, and more.

Call (301) 251-1658 today or contact us online to schedule a consultation for a stairlift installation in Rockville or the DC metro area.


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