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Home Elevators & Stairlifts in Edgewater, Maryland

Modernize Your Home While Increasing Your Property Value

Home elevator with wood-grain interior walls in Edgewater, MD.

Edgewater residents trust Signature Elevators for all their home elevator design and installation needs.

Harness the power of accessible home design with Signature Elevators & Accessible Design. We’re a trusted expert in Edgewater, Maryland, with a reputation for excellence. For over a decade, we’ve supported homeowners with superb customer service and top-quality products that make a lasting impact. Accessibility is the key to our design strategy, and we’re dedicated to creating safe spaces for our clients.

Our home elevator services will catapult your property into the 21st century, amplifying your property value in the process. Invest in a home elevator today to unlock many benefits for your property.

Versatile Home Elevators for Edgewater Homes

Residential elevators are smart investments that uplift your home in many ways. They increase the market value of your home and allow your property to adapt to your needs over time. With its newfound accessibility, your home will be welcoming to all guests.

While this is an appealing feature for all homes, it’s especially important for families with small children, people with disabilities, or older people. Elevators add convenience to daily routines and strengthen safety within your home.

To further prioritize safety, several units offer innovative security features, including key locks or interior telephones.

If you want to modernize your home’s aesthetic, an elevator is an excellent option. Units vary in color, finish, and features. We recommend that customers choose a home elevator that compliments the style of their home.

Improve Your Home’s Accessibility

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Which Home Elevator Is Best For You?

Glass-walled home elevator inside house.

At Signature Elevators, we have the resources and expertise you need to upgrade the functionality and aesthetic of your home. Our vast, high-quality inventory can accommodate all tastes, budgets, and needs for our customers.

We feature a wide range of home elevator styles and accessories, including:

Our team will work with you to identify the best option for your home. Before selecting your elevator style, it’s important to consider all factors. For example, are there any specific security features you’ll need? Do you prefer a modern style or a classic aesthetic? What size elevator do you want? We’ll guide you through all considerations and work with you to bring your vision to life.

Waupaca Home Elevators

Waupaca home elevators are known for their incredible versatility. Each unit offers a wide range of options for cab styles, wood types, finishes, lights, door systems, and more. Homeowners can customize their elevator to match the aesthetic of their home and accommodate their distinct needs.

A Waupaca home elevator supports up to 1,000 pounds at a time, perfect for multiple passengers and even wheelchairs. Contact us today to discover if a Waupaca home elevator is right for you.

Compact Stiltz Elevators

Stiltz elevators maintain a minimal footprint, making them ideal for smaller homes. They extend the amount of usable square footage in your home and make your property feel more spacious. They’re available in two models: the Duo and the Trio.

The Duo accommodates two passengers, while the Trio supports up to three people at a time. The Trio is best for passengers with heavy equipment, such as wheelchairs or power scooters. Each unit is easy to operate, safe, and compact.

Improve Your Home’s Accessibility

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Wheelchair Lifts & Stairlifts To Fit Your Home

Person sitting on a stairlift as it goes up a staircase in a home.Signature Elevators & Accessible Design offers a wide range of wheelchair and platform lifts for Edgewater homes. We specialize in mobility and accessibility solutions for residential homes, including platform lifts, wheelchair lifts, stairlifts, and more.

Check out these platform lifts, wheelchair lifts, and stairlifts to see which is right for your home:

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