The Benefits of a Multigenerational Home in the Washington, DC Area

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The Washington, DC Metro region is a very desirable area for settling down and raising a family. McLean, Great Falls and Vienna in Fairfax County as well as Germantown, Olney and Gaithersburg in Montgomery County are just a few of the towns located within the DC Metro area that residents find attractive for the quality of the schools, housing choices, transportation, and accessibility to shopping, theatre, arts and more. Multigenerational homes are ones that house multiple generations under one roof and they are making their way back into style. Here are just some of the benefits of a multigenerational home in your Fairfax County home.

Increase Longevity

There is no place like home and being in the comfort of your home can actually increase your lifespan. A survival analysis was done which found that people who lived in multi-generational homes were less likely to die early. Aging in place allows older generations to age comfortably while still being able to live in their beloved homes. Things such as residential elevators and an accessible home design make it easy to maintain a multigenerational home that still allows everyone their own independence.

Financial Stability

After retiring, senior citizens typically remain on a fixed income that comes from their pension. A multigenerational home makes it easy for senior citizens to age in place because they don’t have to worry about not being able to afford their home anymore. The adult children that are present and working are able to work more, while the senior citizens in the home can help around the house with any younger children or household duties. It also helps younger family members that may have student loan debt or are just trying to save up their money.


A study done by the University of Oxford showed that when grandparents are actively involved in their grandchild’s life, the grandchild is less likely to have emotional and behavioral problems. Though each family situation is different, having grandparents present in the home can really help to provide children with an extra sense of stability, safety, and structure in the home. On the other hand, having younger grandchildren present can help grandparents remain active and keeping up with modern times.

A Better Alternative To Moving

Moving costs for the average DC Metro homeowner can approach $75,000-$100,000 with costs including realtor fees, loans and other closing costs.  Why give up the best investment you have when you can buy a Stiltz Home Lift and stay in your house! There are two models to choose from, the Duo and the Trio.  The Stiltz Duo Home Lift fits two people and the Stiltz Trio Home Elevator fits three.  The Trio is larger and can fit a wheelchair or power chair. You’ll find both very safe, quiet, smooth running and easy for you to operate.

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