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3 Big Myths about Residential Elevators

Getting a residential elevator installed is a significantly life-changing decision. Whether you live in Potomac, Bethesda, Rockville, Kensington, or Silver Spring, adding an elevator can greatly improve your life and the value of your home. But even with the benefits of accessibility and convenience, many people hesitate to invest in a residential elevator because of these big myths.

Myth: Residential Elevators are Unaffordable

Although it might be a considerable investment, residential elevators are quite reasonably priced. Depending on how much customization is involved, the cost of a residential elevator can range from $25,000 to $75,000. These figures assume another contractor is doing or has done the elevator hoistway & electrical work.

Myth: Residential Elevators are Dangerous

Safety concerns often prevent people from enjoying the benefits of a residential elevator. Some people are afraid that the elevator might drop suddenly, or that they could become stuck inside and run out of oxygen. But rest assured, our residential elevators are designed with safety as the top priority. A single elevator cable, even if partially severed, will still be strong enough to hold the full weight of the elevator cab, and at least four cables are used for support. According to basic safety regulations, a residential elevator cannot be designed with an airtight seal, so you will never have to worry about suffocating. Even so, you will not get stuck in your residential elevator in the first place because, even during a power outage, the elevator has an automatic battery backup system that will take you to the lowest floor and open the doors.

Myth: Residential Elevators Malfunction Easily

The uneasiness attached to buying a residential elevator is understandable. Even with safety standards in place, you might wonder if your elevator could malfunction under unusual circumstances, such as exceeding the weight limit. An elevator’s weight limit is a common concern, which is why all residential elevators are designed to ring out a warning bell or buzzer to let you know if it has exceeded capacity, which is rare since most residential elevators can hold upwards of one thousand pounds. The elevator will also remain stationary until the weight limit is back under control. And, if anything else could possibly make your residential elevator drop suddenly, it has a built-in mechanism that prevents it from lowering in excess of a certain speed. This is usually in the form of a braking system of rails that run down the elevator shaft. Even in a worst-case scenario, your elevator will safely lower you to a stop.

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