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Don’t Believe These Myths About Home Elevators!

Signature Elevators & Accessible Design has specialized in residential accessibility for over a decade. We’ve been all over Washington DC and nearby cities such as Arlington, Alexandria, Silver Spring. In that time, we’ve heard quite a few myths about home elevators. We think it’s tragic that misconceptions about these wonderful accessibility solutions hold people back from purchasing them. Today, we’ll try to put some of these myths to rest.

Power Outages Put You in Danger

Many people are under the impression that if a power outage were to occur while riding a residential elevator, you’d be in danger. Don’t worry—designers of home elevators accommodated for the risk of power outage years ago.

Residential elevators will automatically lower in the event of a power outage. Once the car reaches the lowest floor, the doors will open, so there’s no risk of being trapped.

The Cables Could Break

Really, this is a concern people have not only with residential elevators, but with commercial ones as well. What would happen if the cables were to break? In reality, this is an unfounded concern.

Too many people imagine elevators as being supported by a single cable. In fact, there are multiple cables that support your home elevator—and each one is capable of supporting a fully loaded car on its own.

There is also no risk of overloading. If you do overload the car, an alarm will sound, letting you know that you have done so. Until it senses a suitable weight, it will remain stationary.

Even if the idea of cables just doesn’t sit right with you, there are other options. Consider the state-of-the-art pneumatic vacuum elevator, or PVE. These operate not with cables, but with suction.

They’re Too Expensive!

There is a pervasive misconception that home elevators are wildly costly. Here at Signature Elevators and Design, we believe that there is a residential accessibility option for everyone.

Even if you find the price tag of a real home elevator daunting, or its installation impractical, you have other options. Consider, for instance, a chair lift. Not only are these affordable, but they can be the most practical option in a variety of circumstances.

Installation and removal is a breeze, so chair lifts are a particularly appealing option if you only have temporary accessibility needs.

We hope that this has dispelled any myths about home elevators you might have heard in the past.

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Signature Elevators & Accessible Design, LLC works with leading manufacturers to provide you with the beautiful residential elevator that you need. Located in Rockville, MD and serving Maryland, Washington, DC and Northern Virginia areas, we have years of experience with incorporating elevators into multi-story homes and working with customers to ensure the elevator meets their specific needs. With styles from modern tubes to wood paneled cabs, Signature Elevators has all the tools you need to build the perfect elevator for your home! Visit our website or contact us at (301)-251-1659 for more information. The manufacturers we represent are:

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators https://www.vacuumelevators.com/

Stiltz Lifts https://www.stiltzlifts.com/

Waupaca Elevators https://www.waupacaelevator.com/

Cambridge Elevating http://www.cambridgeelevating.com/




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