Comparing the Footprints of Elevators for Your Annapolis Home

Here at Signature Elevators and Accessible design, we specialize in the installation of a wide variety of accessibility solutions in the Annapolis area. Aging in place stands as an incredibly appealing option for Maryland homeowners. But too many people feel as though it’s out of the cards because they believe their home isn’t large enough to accommodate a home elevator. We believe that there is an accessibility solution for everyone, and limitations of space shouldn’t get in the way of that. Today, we’ll be proposing three home elevator options with small footprints for small spaces.

The Stiltz Duo

We are proud to install Stiltz Lifts in the Annapolis, MD area. These are truly some of the finest home elevators in the world. Futuristic in design and with a decided unobstructive appearance, one of the most remarkable aspects of the Stiltz Duo home elevator is their small footprints. It covers less than 6 square feet of horizontal space, meaning that they are easy to incorporate into smaller Annapolis homes.

Here are some other perks of the Stiltz Duo:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Can plug into an ordinary outlet
  • Silent travel

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators

Pneumatic vacuum elevators, also known as PVEs, are the absolute state-of-the-art in-home elevators. This makes them a popular choice for Annapolis, MD homeowners. Whereas the Stiltz Duo operates with a dual rail system, PVEs use pressure to move the car up and down. But just like the Stiltz lift, PVEs have footprints much smaller than a traditional home elevator.

There’s nothing quite like a pneumatic vacuum elevator to improve the accessibility of your Annapolis, MD home. They are safe, silent, and require minimal energy to operate. This means that they are one of the greenest of all home elevators.

Porch Lifts

Now, we’d like to take a look at something a little different: porch lifts. These are not technically a home elevator in the traditional sense. They are designed for individuals in wheelchairs to enter and exit their home from—as you might have guessed—the porch. This means that they’re installed outside.

We want to remind Annapolis homeowners that porch lifts might be a viable option. No matter how limiting your interior space might be, you should not dismiss outdoor space. If you simply can’t envision any sort of elevator within your home, consider a porch lift for outside your home.

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