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Perks of Porch Lifts for Your Columbia Home

Here at Signature Elevators & Accessible design, we believe that there are accessibility solutions for everyone. People who use wheelchairs are generally able to enjoy far greater mobility than they would otherwise. But they do make getting into and out of buildings quite a challenge—including your own home. Residents of Columbia, MD can rest assured that there are solutions to this problem. Chief among them are porch lifts. Here are some reasons you should consider a porch lift for your Columbia home.

Increase Your Home’s Accessibility

Let’s start with the most obvious point: porch lifts can boost the accessibility of your Columbia home dramatically. But in order to understand why this is, you have to understand what porch lifts are.

You can think of a porch lift as an outdoor elevator that can lift you up onto your porch or down onto the ground. The term is commonly used to describe outdoor versions of chair lifts. They are designed specifically to assist those with wheelchairs, but anyone with compromised mobility can use them.

But there is an abundance of accessibility solutions out there. What makes porch lifts such a great option?

Small Footprint

When it comes to home elevators and other ways of enhancing accessibility, one of the most important selling points is its footprint. Unless you have an abundance of space inside and outside your home, the less space it takes up, the better.

Does your Columbia home have limited indoor and outdoor space? If so, porch lifts might be the perfect accessibility modification for you. For one thing, they are installed outdoors, which circumvents issues with indoor space.

Let’s compare porch lifts to another modification that serves a similar purpose—ramps. Installing a ramp on your porch requires a significant amount of horizontal space. Not so with porch lifts, as they move straight up and down.

No Need to Change Your Home’s Interior

Another one of the difficulties inherent to home elevators is that they can be challenging to install in small homes. Unless you have an abundance of interior space, it can be difficult to find a place for them to go. Certain lifts such as pneumatic vacuum elevators make this easier by having a remarkably small footprint, but in some situations an outdoor elevator makes the most sense.

This is one of the main reasons that an outdoor elevator such as a porch lift can be such a great solution. If your Columbia home has a porch, you most likely have room for a porch lift.

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