Telecab Residential Elevator: The Most Affordable Home Elevator

Do you need a two stop (2 floor) residential elevator to improve access to your home, but don’t want to wipe out your savings? The The Telecab home elevator may be the elevator you have been looking for.

The Telecab home elevator, offered by Signature Elevators & Accessible Design and manufactured by Savaria Concord, is an innovative, utilitarian and affordable solution when only two stops are required. The secret to the Telecab residential elevator’s affordability is twofold: 1) there is no hoist way required and 2) the Telecab is actually a simple lift with a cab enclosure. There is less total material and construction time and therefore the total cost is less. The Telecab simply requires a hole in the ceiling/floor above the first stop and a 115vac electrical service. It’s a great solution for easily moving you or your loved ones from one floor to another.

Technical Specifications:

30 Month Limited Warranty
Capacity: 500 pounds
Cabin Dimensions: 30"x 46" x78"
32" x 54" cabin dimensions
Two door pass through configuration
Automatic Door Operator
Custom Colors

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