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At Signature Elevators & Accessible Design, we believe your home should be as comfortable and accessible as possible. Our products create an easy, convenient, and safe way to move through your home, from the ground floor to the second story and beyond.

We offer elevators, wheelchair lifts, platform lifts, chairlifts, and more, providing innovative accessibility solutions that can transform your home and add substantial value.

Improve the Accessibility of Your Home

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Our company has served Maryland, Northern Virginia, and the Washington, DC area since 2009, and we work hard to find the ideal accessibility options for your needs and budget.

Considering an elevator installation for your Maryland home? Learn more about our company and products by calling (301) 251-1658 today or contacting us online.

Accessibility Solutions for Your Maryland, Virginia, or DC Home

Whether you need a home elevator or lift for improved accessibility or for convenience, our team at Signature Elevators & Accessible Design can discuss your options and recommend the best solution for your needs. Our products include:

Standard Residential Elevators

Available in multiple styles, from traditional elevators that blend into your home’s décor to modern steel and glass elevators that have an industrial look, our residential elevators can look great in any home. Sized to support one, two, or three people, our elevators are ideal for two-story, three-story, or even four-story homes and above.

They offer impressive safety and reliability, with either hydraulic or cable-driven operation and all the latest features for safe, convenient operation.

Wheelchair & Platform Lifts

Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, wheelchair and platform lifts can make it easy to access porches or decks without using a ramp or to move from one floor to another in the home. Available with or without sidewalls, and fully enclosed, wheelchair lifts provide a convenient platform that lifts a wheelchair up to a maximum of about 14 feet.

With built-in safety rails, a control box, an automatic folding ramp, and an emergency stop button, our wheelchair lifts offer impressive safety and convenience features. Portable models are also available for improved accessibility while traveling.

Stair & Chairlifts

In homes with two or more stories, the stairs may prove difficult to use for anyone with limited mobility. A chair or stair lift can provide a safe, secure way to use the upper floors without needing the major remodeling of a home elevator installation. We offer stair lifts for both straight and curved stairs.

Straight stair lifts employ a modular design that can fit nearly any home and can be installed quickly. Curved stair lifts must be specially built for the home and can take time to order and install. Both feature comfortable, easy-to-use chairs that safely transport the user up and down the stairs, reducing the risk of falls and injuries.

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators

Featuring a minimalist design and a significant reduction in maintenance, pneumatic vacuum elevators are a great alternative to standard residential elevators. Because they operate via vacuum pressure, similar to the vacuum tubes that banks use at drive-throughs, they need far less maintenance than traditional elevators while taking up less space. They offer up to a 50-foot rise and are available in 20- to 43-inch diameters.

Call (301) 251-1658 today or contact our experts online to learn more about each of these products.

We also feature an impressive showroom in Rockville, MD, where you can see our elevators in action.

Improve the Accessibility of Your Home

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Our Brands

At Signature Elevators & Accessible Design, we work with several leading manufacturers to provide the best accessibility options for our clients. We carry products from the following brands:

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Ready to install an elevator or lift in your Maryland, Virginia, or DC home? Talk to our experts at Signature Elevators & Accessible Design. We can help you determine which accessibility options will best fit your home, provide an estimate for the installation, and explain the entire process. If you decide to proceed with the installation, our team will work diligently to provide a long-lasting, professional installation.

Call (301) 251-1658 today or contact us online to schedule a consultation for an elevator or lift installation in Maryland, Virginia, or the DC area.


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