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Residential Vertical Platform Lifts in Rockville & the Greater DC Metro Area

Do you need a lift to get to your front door, or your deck, or from the garage to the main level? A lift below 60″ doesn’t have to go into a shaft or hoistway, and they’re often used to get into the front door, get to a deck, perhaps in a split foyer or split-level to get from a mid-level to an upper level.

Harmar’s RPL400 and RPL600 solve the problem up to 4 feet and 6 feet respectively. They’re available for indoor or outdoor use. Each is designed to be as cost-effective as possible and resolve most below-5-foot residential applications. These home vertical platform lifts are safe solutions to most elevation challenges in and around your Rockville home.

Improve the Accessibility of Your Home

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Features & Benefits of Enclosed Vertical Platform Lifts

  • Small footprint
  • Non-skid platform
  • Auto ramp becomes a protective barrier when rising
  • Solid 36″ tall guard rails
  • Constant-pressure switch
  • Emergency stop button
  • Safety sensors stop lift when it encounters an obstruction
  • Upper-gate interlock releases only when lift is at same level
  • Indoor or outdoor application


  • Lifting height RPL400: Up to 53″
  • Lifting height RPL600: Up to 77″
  • Maximum occupant & chair weight: 600 lbs.
  • Power: 120vac-15amp grounded circuit
  • Standard platform: 36″ by 48″ with auto ramp & 36″ guard panels
  • Speed: 10 feet per minute
  • Footprint: 50″ by 70″
  • Controls: Rocker switch you hold down & emergency stop
  • Manufacturer’s warranty: One year
  • Signature Elevator & Accessible Design workmanship warranty: Two years, service agreement available beyond two years
  • Safety features: Safety plan in case something or someone is below the lift. If so, the lift won’t go down.
  • Design standard: ASME A18.1 section 5
  • Other standards: CSA B44.1 and ASME A17.5

Call 301-251-1658 or contact us online today to learn more about our product offerings.

The Signature Elevators Process

  1. Call Signature Elevators & Accessible Design for a general discussion of your needs. Ideally, send pictures.
  2. Review and sign a platform lift feasibility & investigation agreement.
  3. Schedule Signature Elevators team to come and assess feasibility & construction/modification needs. Note: If you’re outside the Greater DC metro area, we’ll send a measurement package to complete this step.
  4. Review and sign the project agreement.
  5. Your Harmar RPL400 or RPL600 will be manufactured.
  6. Concurrent with manufacturing, concrete pad, electrical feed, and any other modifications necessary will be performed by Signature Elevators’ skilled craftspeople or your contractor.
  7. Your Hamar RPL400 or RPL600 arrives and is installed in a day or two.

Improve the Accessibility of Your Home

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What’s the Cost of Vertical Platform Lifts?

The project price range for turn-key services is $9,000 for a standard RPL400 to $15,430 for an RPL600 that has every conceivable option. Turn-key includes a concrete pad and all electrical as well as lift and installation.

If you have a contractor to pour the pad and run the electric, then simply add $1,000 for installation to the prices below.

The project price range for self-installation is $5,795 for the RPL400 to $6,595 for the RPL600. This does not include any number of options, which if bought all together, could add close to $10,000 to the order. Call for specifics. (Does not include or anticipate your cost to install the unit, concrete pad, electrical supply, or any modifications to deck rails, etc.)

Let us create a home elevator solution that’s right for you. Call 301-251-1658 to schedule home elevator design and installation today.


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