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Why Baltimore Homeowners Should Consider a Stair Lift

Are you looking for an easy way to enhance the accessibility of your Baltimore home? You might find yourself drawn to a home elevator, but budgetary and spatial constraints can keep them out of reach. At Signature Elevators & Accessible Design, we believe in providing accessibility solutions for everyone. Here are some reasons why a stair lift could be a more feasible option for Baltimore County or city homeowners.


Simply put, a stair lift is one of the most affordable ways to boost the accessibility of your home. This is especially true if your staircase is straight. In this case, you can expect to pay roughly $5,000 for your stair lift.

Curved stair lifts can be 3 to 4 times as expensive, but they still tend to come out much cheaper than a true home elevator.

Quick Installation

Another aspect that holds some Baltimore homeowners back from investing in a home elevator is installation time. In fact, the installation of some kinds of home elevators is quicker than you might expect. But stair lifts are even quicker. You can expect to have a straight stair lift installed in as little as one week!

A Temporary Solution?

Sometimes, a home elevator is more than you need. For instance, you might only have to accommodate an individual with compromised mobility temporarily. If you’re recovering from an injury or housing your parents for an extended stay, then you should consider a stair lift as a temporary accessibility solution for your Baltimore home.

A stair lift is easy to install, and the flip side of that is that they’re easy to remove, too. You can’t say the same about traditional home elevators!

Small Footprint

Baltimore County has quite a few older homes with limited space. This is especially true in the city. Some home elevators have large footprints, making it difficult to incorporate them into certain spaces. But a stair lift demands less space, and can easily be installed on a majority of staircases.

A stair lift has price, space, and time on its side. If you’re searching for an easy way to make your Baltimore home more accessible, your search should end with stair lifts from Signature Elevators & Accessible Design.

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