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The Best Kind of Residential Elevator for Your DC Home

a living room with a large glass pneumatic vacuum elevator

If it wasn’t already, your home has probably become the most important place in your life. When it comes to investing in the comfort and safety of your home in Washington, DC, you might have considered adding a residential elevator.

You have many great options for the right kind of elevator for your home, and the three listed below are among the best.

Standard Elevator Models

At Signature Elevators & Accessible Design, we offer many traditional elevator models from Cambridge Elevating, Waupaca Elevator, and Federal Elevator Systems. These standard home elevators are very adaptable and often the best fit for any need or preference. Standard residential elevators can come as roped hydraulic, drum drive, and more.

If you don’t have much space, then consider an MRL (machine room-less) home elevator with a smaller pump and controller that can fit into a small closet or even a garage. Nearly all standard residential elevators have very customizable cabs and doors, so you can make them fit seamlessly into the current design of your DC home.

Stiltz Lift  

If you’re looking for an elevator to accommodate limited space, then the Stiltz Lift elevator could be the perfect choice for a small Washington, DC, home. It’s a remote-controlled, two-stop elevator, meaning you can have it sent up or down without needing a passenger inside.

Signature Elevators offers both the duo and trio designs. The trio Stiltz Lift is the best for wheelchairs in particular. Overall, the Stiltz Lift is compact and convenient, meaning it can be installed nearly anywhere, even in a small DC home.

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator

The pneumatic vacuum elevator operates with no cables or pullies. The pneumatic vacuum elevator is a more high-tech option, but it’s certainly worth the cost if you’re looking for something clean and energy-efficient. It lifts and lowers using air pressure in a vacuum tube.

The elevator and the cab are both made of a polycarbonate cylinder that’s reinforced with aluminum. A turbine fan works to change the air pressure, either pushing the elevator up or releasing air to let gravity gently lower it. The pneumatic vacuum elevator is also simpler to install and very low maintenance. It’s a great choice if you’d like to update the look of your house.

Contact Signature Elevators Today

Signature Elevators & Accessible Design works with leading manufacturers to provide the beautiful residential elevator you need. Located in Rockville, MD, we have years of experience incorporating elevators into multi-story homes and working with customers to ensure the elevator meets their specific needs.

With styles from modern tubes to wood-paneled cabs, Signature Elevators has all the tools you need to build the perfect elevator for your home.

Contact us online or call (301) 251-1658 for more information on home elevator installation.

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