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The 4 Main Parts of a Home Elevator You Need To Know

Whether you live in Howard County, Fairfax, Silver Spring, or the DC area, it’s always a good idea to consider the future by having a residential elevator installed in your Maryland home.

But you might be wondering what’s involved in the elevator installation process, including the components that make your elevator work. Here are the main parts that make up most traditional residential elevators. 

The Machine Room

The main functional components of your residential elevator are housed in the machine room. These parts include the drum motor, cables, and control box. The contents of a machine room will differ depending on the type of elevator you choose.

A hydraulic lift elevator will have a hydraulic tank in its machine room, and many pneumatic vacuum lift elevators do not require a separate machine room at all.

The Hoistway

One of the most important parts of your residential elevator is the hoistway because this part contains the elevator car. A hoistway is made up of three components: the pit, the travel, and the overhead.

In order from lowest to highest, the pit is the area beneath the lowest floor of your home, and its purpose is to allow your elevator floor to sit flush with the floor of your house. Next, the travel is simply the space between the bottom and top floors, also known as the shaft, and is so named because it’s where your elevator car travels between floors.

Lastly, the overhead has the same function as the pit in reverse, so the elevator ceiling at the top will be flush with your house’s ceiling.

Support Structure

Another equally vital part of the elevator is its structure. Constructed of guide rails, a counterweight, and more, the elevator’s support structure is designed to keep your car secure within the elevator shaft and bear the load of the elevator and its passengers safely.

Support structures will vary depending on the type of elevator you choose, but it’s always the component that directly interacts with your power source.

Elevator Car

Last but not least is the part of the elevator you’ll become the most familiar with. The elevator car is designed to carry a user safely and comfortably from floor to floor. It can be customized any number of ways, from its interior design to the type of buttons on the control panel.

Most homeowners are only interested in the elevator car, but it doesn’t hurt to know the details of the other parts of a residential elevator to help you decide what type is best for you and your home.

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