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Why You Should Consider a Stair Lift for Your Maryland Home

There are many lovely homes in the Maryland and DC Metro Area. And if you are considering aging in place, then mobility on the stairway could be a concern. Fortunately, there are numerous options for investing in a straight or curved stair lift for your home. Here are some reasons to consider trying a stair lift today.

Safety First

Regardless of anything else, safety is the most significant motivation to consider putting resources into stair lifts. If your limited mobility makes it hard for you to climb the stairs, you may have had safety worries sooner or later. Indeed, even with the assistance of a railing, there are several instances of injury or even death from tumbles down the stairs. What’s more, the individuals who are blessed to avoid a fall may be causing hurt by putting an undesirable strain on themselves from climbing the stairs. Stair lifts are steady and secure, and you will consistently have a sense of security utilizing them.

Many Options

Whether you have decided that a stair lift is for you or you aren’t prepared to make such a commitment, you have different options for rental or purchase. Stair lift rentals are an incredible choice for individuals who need the advantages of a stair lift temporarily. At times, for example, in a multigenerational home, somebody may lease a stair lift for their older relative with versatility for them to appreciate the most recent periods of their life. Likewise, stair lifts aren’t restricted based on a person’s age, yet it can be leased for somebody recuperating from a medical procedure or injury. The advantage of choosing a stairlift is frequently more financially savvy than assisted living or a nursing home.

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Signature Elevators & Accessible Design, LLC works with leading manufacturers to provide you with the beautiful residential elevator that you need. Located in Rockville, MD and serving Maryland, Washington, DC and Northern Virginia areas, we have years of experience with incorporating elevators into multi-story homes and working with customers to ensure the elevator meets their specific needs. With styles from modern tubes to wood paneled cabs, Signature Elevators has all the tools you need to build the perfect elevator for your home! Visit our website or contact us at (301)-251-1658 for more information. The manufacturers we represent are:

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators https://www.vacuumelevators.com/

Stiltz Lifts https://www.stiltzlifts.com/

Waupaca Elevators https://www.waupacaelevator.com/

Cambridge Elevating http://www.cambridgeelevating.com/




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