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From Glenwood to Ellicott City, there are many beautiful Howard County residences that could be home to an elevator. Available in areas such as Fulton, West Friendship, Clarksville, and Marriottsville to name a few, your home elevator can make life safer and easier if you have limited mobility. But perhaps safety concerns are the reason you were holding out on committing to such a big investment. We hope to put your mind at ease by discussing a few of the safety features that you could have added to your home elevator.


A basic necessity for all home elevators, having handrails ensures that you will never have trouble getting in and out of your elevator. Handrails can come in flat or round shapes, depending on your preferences, and can be a safe and stylish addition to your home elevator.


Another safety concern you may have is that something could go wrong while the elevator is moving. Your home elevator is designed for you to lock the doors and keep them locked while it is in motion, making it impossible for any of your clothes ever to get caught in the machinery. Even in such an unlikely circumstance, there is an emergency stop button.

Doors and Gates

You can have the convenience of automatic elevator doors to make entering and exiting your elevator easy and comfortable. Additionally, safety gates can be installed to prevent young children from trying to play on the elevator and potentially hurting themselves.

Battery Backup

For protection against power outages, you will never have to fear being trapped in your elevator. With battery backup, your home elevator will provide emergency lighting and safely lower you to the lowest floor. You can also have indications that will light up to let you know when the elevator is running. These are just a few of the safety features you can have in your Howard County home elevator. Remember to have regular inspections done by a professional to make sure that everything is working properly.

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